About ReGeneration Week

The ReGeneration Week 2021 is organised in cooperation with, among others, the Government of Åland. Taking place in Mariehamn on the Åland islands – the birthplace of ReGeneration 2030 – the event will provide a platform for international and intergenerational dialogue in connection to the UN Agenda 2030 and the 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs). Being one of the main international highlights of celebrating Åland’s 100 years of autonomy, as well as the Finnish chairmanship programme of the Nordic Council of Ministers, ReGeneration Week 2021 is expected to attract hundreds of international and local participants. The theme for this year’s event is #ReThinkingTheSystem.

Why do we have to ReThink The System?
We are living in a world which is driven by an unsustainable system. Politicians seek voters and businesses follow demand. The COVID-19 pandemic have made us look at things from different perspectives, and now we have an opportunity to react and act, and to ReThink The System that we are living in.

Following the success of the three previous Summits, we are now inviting you to take part in the extended version of ReGeneration Week in Mariehamn 28-31.8.2021. The Week will provide an international meeting place for intergenerational dialogue for sustainable system change.

With support from a range of local and international partners, we are thrilled to arrange an exciting and inspiring five-days event in the heart of the Baltic Sea. Announced as a high-level international meeting by the Government of Åland and the Government of Finland, we will be joined by a range of influential leaders from the Nordic and Baltic Sea Region.

ReGeneration Week 2021

The ReGeneration Week act as a platform for meeting like-minded people internationally, engaging youth in the ages between 15 and 29 from the Nordic and Baltic Sea region. The event encourages participants to discuss and propose solutions to established leaders from civil society, business, politics, academia and the public sector. The focus is on reaching the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The Week provides tools and teaches leadership and cooperation in connection to the UN Agenda 2030.