Åland 100

During 2021 and 2022 The Åland Islands will celebrate 100 years of autonomy. The celebrations will be starting on June 9th 2021 and last a whole year until it reaches its climax on it’s real birthday – 9th of June 2022. 

It is not a coincidence that The Åland Islands are known as the Islands of Peace.  The Åland Islands are often used as an example of how peaceful measures can result in a conflict solution that is still working after 100 years. This is worth celebrating, letting history be an inspiration for the future. The whole world is invited to participate in this important celebration, and ReGeneration 2030 are happy to announce that ReGeneration Week 2021 will be a part of the Åland 100 celebration. If you’re interested in knowing more about Åland 100, check out their website.