Anatomy of Action

ReGeneration Week 2021 will build on the initiative of Anatomy of Action and its five domains FOOD, STUFF, FUN, MONEY and MOVE. Anatomy of Action is a science-based toolkit that activates people to consume responsibly and contribute to Sustainable Development Goal 12- sustainable production and consumption. Developed by UNEP and the UN School of Disruptive Design, the toolkit outlines the top level changes any individual can make to support the growing shift to global sustainability.

We all eat, spend money, buy stuff, move around and enjoy ourselves. The Anatomy of Action outlines everyday lifestyle swaps that individuals can make to support the growing shift toward global sustainability. Each of us makes choices every day that have impacts on the world around us. Evidence shows that if enough people start to adopt the changes outlined in the Anatomy of Action key areas of FOOD, STUFF, MONEY, MOVE, and FUN– then the global momentum of collective action will help shift the economy and address pressing social and environmental issues. If we all change the way we eat and buy, how we invest money and move, and what we do for fun and aspirations, we can change how our world works for a better future. The five simple areas of action form part of our everyday living needs and lifestyle choices that hold the potential, if enough people swap their actions, to support the global changes we need to achieve the goal of a sustainable world by year 2030. 

During the ReGeneration Week, the speakers will hold interactive lectures and workshops directly linked to one of the different domains in the Anatomy of Action toolkit. The knowledge that you bring with you from the workshops and interactive lectures will later on be discussed with other participants and culminate in a declaration that will be handed over to decision-makers.

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How does Anatomy of Action fit into the declaration?

Youth are bold and brave, and won’t bend down. The declaration that will be written at the ReGeneration Week will manifest brave solutions that need to be implemented in order to achieve a system change. In order for us to be able to live in a sustainable world, it is not only up to consumers to consume responsibly, but we also have to ensure corporate responsibility, a change of the political system on both a state and multilateral level and a system change. 

When it comes to the different domains in Anatomy of Action, a lot of things can be done on a political and system level. To live a sustainable life should not be a matter of class nor equality, it should be the norm, but it’s not. Let’s change this – together. 

Under the different domains, we demand the follwing: 


Implement a meat tax and make sure vegetarian products are less expensive
Make sustainably produce food cheaper to increase the demand on fair trade food products
Minimize unsustainable practices by setting clear criterias for what type of products are to be imported. 


Ensure good city planning, make it easier to travel by bike and make public transport more accessible for everyone
Increase the air tax and make travelling by train and bus easier and cheaper
Ensure sustainably produced electric vehicles, both from an environmental and human rights perspective 


Promote circular economy
Ensure that the production industry are respecting environmental and human rights law


Make it easier and cheaper to discover things locally. 
Create more communal places where people can meet and interact. 


Make funds more transparent to ensure that it is easy to place money in sustainable funds
Put greater pressure on businesses to be transparent to reduce greenwashing

These are just a few solutions that could be implementet to ensure sustainable production and consumption. At the ReGeneration Week we will all elaborate on this and what we have learnt from the lectures and workshop, and put together a strong declaration with solutions for a sustainable future. .