Anatomy of Action

ReGeneration Week 2021 will build on the initiative of Anatomy of Action. Anatomy of Action (AoA) is a science-based toolkit that activates people to consume responsibly and contribute to Sustainable Development Goal 12. Developed by UNEP and the UN School of Disruptive Design, the toolkit outlines the top level changes any individual can make to support the growing shift to global sustainability.

 The Anatomy of Action outlines everyday lifestyle swaps that individuals can make to support the growing shift toward global sustainability. Each of us makes choices every day that have impacts on the world around us. Evidence shows that if enough people starts to adopt the changes outlined in the Anatomy of Action key areas of food, stuff, money, move, and fun – then the global momentum of collective action will help shift the economy and address pressing social and environmental issues. If we all change the way we eat and buy, how we invest money and move, and what we do for fun and aspirations, we can change how our world works for a better future. 

The AoA lifestyle domains are structured in the shape of a hand and can be used as an online communication tool. The AoA is regularly used as a social media challenge to raise awareness and share ideas and resources for sustainable living.

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