We are keeping a close eye on the covid restrictions on the Åland Islands and hope that those who have signed up to participate physically are able to do so. As for the moment, the covid restrictions looks as following: 


  1. Entry is approved if the person has received 2 doses of the vaccine and it has been at least two weeks since the last vaccination. A Corona vaccine passport is required for border control.
  2. If you have a certificate that you have contracted covid-19 in the past six months and have recovered from it, it is equated with point 1. A certificate if this is required at border control.
  3. If you have only received one vaccine dose, you should apply for a corona test within 72-120 hours after the arrival. A certificate of receiving the first dose is required at border control. On the Åland Islands, testing is performed at Åland’s Health Care (ÅHS) in Mariehamn and is free of charge. You must stay in quarantine until you have received your test result. Test results on Åland are usually obtained within 30-50 hours.
  4. If you have not received vaccine doses at all, you should be tested no more than 120 hours before departure. In addition, you must apply for a second test between 72 and 120 hours after arrival (see point 3).

NOTE that Sputnik is not considered an approved vaccine. Immigrants from Russia can therefore not qualify without following point 4.

Considering this, it is therefore important that you make sure to book refundable tickets to and from the Åland Islands.