Climate Task Forces / Ansvar2030

Almost 35 % of global GHG emissions originate in the energy sector. Together
with the emissions of the transport sector, this amount rises to as much as 48 %.

Limiting global warming to 1,5 oC, or well below 2 °C at the least, requires a shift to 100 % renewable energy on a global scale. Global emissions targets will to a large extent be reached through local emissions reduction efforts. Renewable energy will play an important role in the development of a self-sustaining cycle for the cities of the future – your future. The presentation will show what is necessary to transform small and big cities into sustainable living areas – not only on a technical but also on a social level. A successful decentralization of energy production is dependent on individual engagement on all levels of a region.

During ReGeneration Week, Climate Task Forces/ Ansvar 2030 will hold a workshop with the theme ”Economic wisdom 2.0: A toolbox for regional energy transitions”. During this workshop, Climate Task Forces/ Ansvar 2030 will show the possibilities of community energy solutions and explore the question of how to motivate regional politics, economy, and society to give their full commitment to becoming climate neutral on a timeline that is compatible with scientific facts.