Climate Task Forces / Ansvar2030

Limiting global warming to 1,5 oC, or well below 2 oC at the least, requires a shift to 100 % renewable energy on a global scale. The necessary emission targets can only be reached through major reductions in the burning of fossil fuels at all scales, including significant emissions reductions at a local scale. Renewable energy will play an important role in the development of a self-sustaining cycle for the cities of the future – our common future. Only a few weeks ago, the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change or IPCC ( released their 6th Assessment Report on the status of the global climate
system. The warnings contained in the report could not be more serious and alarming.

Under the current emissions scenario, the world is now projected to reach the critical +1,5 oC threshold by 2030, a full 10 years earlier than previously projected. The need for fast and transformative action across the globe is more urgent than ever before. During ReGeneration Week, Dr. Udo Engelhardt, from The Climate Task Force/ ansvar 2030 ( will present a workshop with the theme ‘Transformative Action: A toolbox for a fair and fast energy transition’. The workshop will highlight important differences in the effectiveness of individual versus collective action, stressing the importance of shared community energy solutions. Furthermore, Dr. Engelhardt will explore the question of how to motivate regional politics, economy, and society to give their full commitment to becoming climate neutral on a timeline that is compatible with current scientific knowledge.