Spektrum Film Festival – 7 goals, 7 possibilities

Spektrum Film Festival presents seven short films created by Lokalkraft Leader Åland rf together with Luvid Film to illustrate different ways of working towards the seven strategic sustainability goals that comprise the Development and Sustainability Agenda for Åland. The festival name Spektrum comes from specere, Latin for to look at or to watch, which is what we invite you to do – we believe that a sustainable future requires that we support and inspire each other.

The first three films are ready to be viewed at https://leader.ax.

The aim of the sustainability project Spektrum, an interregional collaboration between Finnish Ostrobothnia, the Åland Islands, and Swedish West Bothnia, is to exchange information and inspiration regarding sustainable solutions. Åland has chosen to filmatize its seven strategic sustainability goals, while Ostrobothnia has introduced its own Sustainability Week modeled after the corresponding week held in West Bothnia. This summer, Spektrum has also planned a study visit to the Åland Islands to exchange experiences and knowledge and plan future collaborative projects.

The project is funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development through Lokalkraft Åland and Aktion Österbotten. In addition, the project has received funding from the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland (among others).