Transformative competence with Mälardalen University

Transformative competence – with what education?

Current educational systems are built to preserve the current unsustainable order. This we need to change. Join us in exploring the competence you need to drive change.

We, Magnus Hoppe and Kamran Namdar, two senior lecturers at Mälardalen University, have embarked on a mutual project to explore what kind of competence youth will need to drive change. From our research, we have come to identify some paths forward, new subjects, and new pedagogy, but how do we know if this is what youth really needs and wants? Our answer is that we cannot know anything without getting youth involved in our project and hopefully get invited and involved in the projects youth pursue.

Getting to know ReGeneration 2030 was a joy. We found a partner with a similar agenda and were happy to participate in this very week. If you choose to join us for our two sessions, we will first invite you to our project, telling you what we have come to know so far. In the second session, we will work together and in groups to define subjects and ideas central to building a necessary transformative competence. Then after the week, based on your ideas, we will put together a framework for a new kind of education, a better education, an education that will help you and others with a similar mindset to drive change. Of course, this will be presented to the whole ReGeneration 2030 afterward, and of course, we will be happy to keep anyone connected to our project even after this very week is over.