ReGeneration Week 2021 is an event free of charge. More information about the event and the application procedure can be found under “Sign-up”.

How to get to Åland

The Åland Islands are situated in the middle of the Baltic Sea, midway between Sweden and Finland. You can choose to travel by ferry or by plane to get here.

The fastest way of getting to Åland is to take a flight from the Helsinki-Vantaa or Turku airport in Finland or from Arlanda in Sweden. Traveling by ferry will take approximately two hours from Sweden (Grisslehamn, Kapellskär) and five hours from Finland (Turku). There are bus connections from Stockholm – Grisslehamn/Kapellskär, which can be booked simultaneously as booking a trip with the ferry. 

Travel by ferry

The shortest ferry connection from Sweden is the one from Grisslehamn with Eckerö Linjen or from Kapellskär with Viking Line. Both ferries take two hours and there are departures in the morning, during the day and in the evening. (There are also departures directly from Stockholm in the morning and evening).

You can travel with Viking Line or Tallink Silja from Turku both in the morning and evening. (There are also departures from Helsinki to Mariehamn).

Opt for Tallink Silja from Tallinn. You can find more information about the latest travel updates on the shipping companies sites. 



You can fly via Helsinki-Vantaa or Turku airport in Finland or Stockholm Arlanda in Sweden. It takes 30 minutes both from Stockholm Arlanda and from Turku, and less than an hour from Helsinki-Vantaa. Once you are in Åland, the airport is five minutes by car from the city of Mariehamn.


Finnair: Book flights to Mariehamn | Finnair

Air Leap: Flyg i Sverige & Norden. Billigt inrikesflyg & flygbiljetter | Air Leap

For timetables, booking and further information about the ferries and flights to Åland, please visit the travel companies homepages.

If you want to be as sustainable as possible, what better way to travel than via train! Travel to Stockholm, Tallinn, Turku or Helsinki via train before taking the ferry. The easiest and cheapest option if you come from outside of Sweden/Finland/Estonia is to travel by train using Interrail. With one ticket, you can travel unlimited within the partner countries in Europe for 4, 5 or more days (with cheaper passes if you are 27 or under). More information on

Where to sleep

Would you like to stay in shared housing with other RGW participants? We can offer a possibility to stay in shared rooms (2-3 persons) at Övernäsgården between 28.8-1.9 for 32 euros per night. Breakfast is included. If you would be interested in this possibility, send us an email to with your personal information and dates of visit and we will book a spot for you. You will then get information about the accommodation and how to pay.

Gröna Uddens camping: Cottages for 1-4 people


Cottage for 1-2 people 60€/night

Cottage for 3-4 people 80€/night

Tent 10€/tent/night + 10€/person/night

Prices are total cottage prices/night, excluding bed linen and breakfast. This can be pre-booked at the same time as the stay.

How to book: Via the website. Mention that you are a participant of the ReGeneration-week by filling in the discount code ”REGENERATION21”. The booking is paid online, and free cancellation is valid until 18:00 the day before arrival. If you cannot pay online, it’s possible to make a booking by email ( and enter the same discount code. 

Gästhem Kronan: Guests can book via their website. 

Gröna Udden camping and Övernäsgården guesthouse are a 15, and 20 min walk away from the venue, Alandica Culture and Congress. 

Hotel Adlon 

Standard-single room: 95€/room/night

Standard-double room: 105€/room/night

Standard-double room with extra bed: 125€/room/night

Family room (2 beds and one high and low bed): 135€/room/night

Hotel Savoy 

Standard-single room: 105€/room/night 

Standard-double room: 115€/room/night

Standard-double room with extra bed: 135€/room/night 

How to book: Guests can book their room by mentioning ”ReGeneration 2030” and book directly with Åland hotels by phone +358 18 15555 or email at the discounted prices quoted above.

They need names and phone numbers as well as credit card details to confirm the booking. Booking will be paid upon arrival.

Hotel Park Alandia


Single room 113 €/room/night 

Double room 133 €/room/night (66,50 €/person/night) 

Triple room 177 €/room/night(59,00 €/person/night)

How to book: Guests book their stay via email to Booking code: ”ReGeneration 2030” for the discounted prices quoted above. State name, phone number, and email upon booking. When booking double and triple rooms, you need to state all the names of the room residents. Guests pay upon check-in. 

Travel grants

We want everyone to join the ReGeneration Week and provide travel grants for some of the participants who cannot participate otherwise. We cannot cover all costs for travels and participation but provide fixed amounts depending on the total costs of your trips. If you want to apply for a travel grant, please send a short note to stating:

1. Why we should provide you with a travel grant

2. An approximate calculation of your total travel expenses

3. Your personal information (name, contact information, age, and country)

And we will be in touch with you.

How to get to Alandica

Most of the program during the ReGeneration-week will take place in Alandica, situated in the city of Mariehamn next to hotel Arkipelag. The location of Alandica is Strandgatan 35.


Alandica is just a short 20-minute walk away from the port of Mariehamn. Get to “Hamngatan” or “Havsgatan” and then follow the “Norra esplanadgatan” until you get to the small city square. Turn left after passing the square and walk straight until you see Alandica. 


The airport is in Sviby, about 5 minutes by car from Mariehamn. The easiest way of getting from the airport is by taxi, as a walk would take you 50 minutes. For a taxi, you can call, e.g. Taxi Mariehamn: tel. +3581826000 or grab a taxi that is already at the airport.


All the hotels are in the city center, and getting to Alandica takes about 5-20 minutes, depending on where you stay. Type in Alandica Kultur och Kongress in Google maps or grab a map from the hotel to get the exact route. 

Where to eat

You can grab something to eat from one of the close-by restaurants or by going to one of the close-by grocery stores. Feel free to grab a free map or “Åland Guide” from eg. a grocery store, go to Google maps or The Åland Islands Tourist Map to search for restaurants. Most restaurants have vegan options and cheaper options during lunchtime.

Varuboden City, Mathishallen

Indigo Restaurant & Bar, Me Gusta Burgers (food-truck), Café Verten, Club Marin, Iwa Café city, Kvarter 5, Park Restaurant & Bar, Pizza Diablo, Restaurant Arkipelag, Sittkoffska gården, Svarta Katten, Café Victor……..


There is a wheelchair ramp leading up to the main entrance and the door has an automatic door opener. The door has a low doorstep and is 93 centimeters wide. 

You will find a disabled parking spaces at Strandgatan, just outside the Alandica building. There are also disabled parking spaces in the Miramar garage which is open from 7 am until 12 am. You enter this garage from Styrmansgatan.

There are elevators that will take you to the concert halls, the foayees and the conference rooms on level 2. The levels are announced in the elevator with a recorded voice. 

Toilets for people with disabilities can be found on level 0 and level 2. The toilets on level 2 can be reached by elevator. They are equipped with an alarm button, a handrail on the inside of the door and they do not have a doorstep.