About ReGeneration Week

Our Vision

Our vision is to make sustainable consumption and production the new norm in the Nordic and Baltic Sea regions.

Our mission is to mobilise a strong youth movement in the Nordic and Baltic Sea regions in order to achieve the vision.

Our Mission

Previous ReGeneration Gatherings

The Summit is our annual meeting platform open for all youth in the Nordic and Baltic Sea Regions. The purpose of the Summit is to strengthen our movement by highlighting and fostering a new generation of leaders. Together we create an inspirational atmosphere of change together with senior drivers of change in intergenerational dialogue.

The roots of ReGeneration 2030 are on the Åland Islands, in the community vision for a flourishing society within planetary boundaries. It is only natural for our annual summit to be held in this environment, also known as the Islands of Peace. The driver of change on the Åland islands – the network bärkraft.ax – serves as an example of a local environmental movement and the impactful influence it can have.

The Summit of 2018 was the first meeting of ReGeneration 2030 and served as a starting point for active participation in the movement. Over 110 participants took part of a two-day programme in Mariehamn on the Åland islands. The main theme of the Summit was goal 12 of the UN Agenda 2030: Sustainable Consumption and Production. This goal poses a major challenge for the countries in the Nordic and Baltic Sea region as their economies are consumption heavy. Therefore, goal 12 is highly relevant for our context.

The sessions of the Summit focused on different sub-themes of the goal, which enabled the participants to explore the questions closest to their hearts. The content of the Summit was made possible by involving organisations from different societal sectors, like Emmaus Åland and Zero Waste Latvia – contributed to a successful Summit.

During the last day of the Summit, the participants adopted a manifesto in the plenary hall of the Åland Parliament. The manifesto consists of a vision, a demand section, and a commitment section, all linked to sustainable consumption and production. It has since served as the common strategic document for the movement’s advocacy.

As a part of realising the vision of the manifesto, the 2019 Summit investigated its link to climate action. Again, a wide array of different actors – such as Stockholm Resilience Centre and the Nordic Council of Ministers – made the Summit a success. In total, around 200 people were engaged in the second Summit.

The 2019 Summit also saw the introduction of side events, the first being the ”HållbArt festival”, also open for those not participating in the main event. This was a cooperation with a range of local partners. Another side event was arranged in a partnership with Swedish Radio Baltic Sea Festival, where the chair of ReGeneration 2030, Tatiana Lanshina, participated in a live streamed talk watched by thousands of viewers.

In 2020, during the pandemic, the Summit was held digitally with up to 170 active participants. Local hubs acted as physical meeting spots all around the Baltic Sea. Among the speakers were Paula Lehtomäki, General Secretary of the Nordic Council of Ministers, and Tony Addison, Professor of Economics at the University of Copenhagen, to name a few. ReGeneration 2030 also announced and officially launched their partnership with the collaboration platform ACTER, with a keynote by founder Emil Vincentz. The festival ”HållbArt” – this time online – was also arranged. Covering 13 countries and autonomous regions, and spanning four time zones, the participants were still able to experience the regional diversity which makes the Summit such a powerful experience!