Mariehamn, Åland

Rising Tides,
Rising Movements

This year we will organise strategise campaign win

The seas are rising,

and so are we.

ReGeneration Week is an annual 4-day sustainability gathering  on Åland, Finland for youth, social movements and sustainability actors in the Nordic and Baltic Sea region. 

This 12-15th of August we will gather to learn, strategise, and build, the movement for a just sustainable transition that can win in the vital years ahead. Will you join us? 

ReGeneration Week is the largest youth sustainability event in the Nordic and Baltic Sea region.

As the powerful falter, it is clear that it’s up to us, young people, to rise to the challenge. This summer, youth movements and groups from around the Nordic and Baltic Sea region are uniting at ReGeneration Week 2023 to share different strategies for making this change happen.

By sharing our strategies with each other, we can coordinate our work, work more effectively, and gain new powerful allies

Join us as a group of friends, a social movement, a social or environmental organisation, or just come as yourself! 

Change is coming, and it is youth-led.


ReGeneration 2030

ReGeneration 2030 is a movement led by teenagers and young adults in the Nordic and Baltic Sea Regions with the vision to make sustainable consumption and production the new norm.

Our geographic scope encompasses Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, the Faroe Islands, Finland, Germany, Greenland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Slovakia, Ukraine, and the Åland Islands. The movement is led by a board of engaged youth from across the region.

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