ReGeneration Week is an annual 4-day festival on Åland where young people and sustainability actors from across the Nordic and Baltic Sea region to learn, share knowledge and strategize for the year ahead. It’s run by ReGeneration 2030: by youth, for youth.


Since 2018, we have been building knowledge about what a sustainable future for our region will look like. This year, it’s time to act: what big changes need to happen to our region’s politics and economy in order to secure a future where we can all flourish? Working from position papers compiled following 2021’s ReGeneration Week, we need your input to prioritise.


What happens at ReGeneration Week?

  • Expert workshops to build understanding around the major sustainability issues and opportunities in our region 

  • A youth plenary session to set priorities through democratic means

  • Intergenerational dialogues where youth will invite senior change-makers to sign a letter of intent around the actions selected. 

Who can come?
ReGeneration Week 2022 is open to everyone age 15-30 in the Nordic and Baltic Sea region who is serious about keeping our planet inhabitable.
There will be youth groups, social movements, youth wings of climate groups and ordinary people interested in sustainability all present to learn together and plan strategies for the years ahead. 
We will also be joined by senior change-makers from politics, social movements and industry. 


Will you join us?

ReGeneration Week will take place in Mariehamn, the Åland Islands, in Alandica Culture and Congress between the 27th until 30th of August. 

Anyone aged 15-30 living in the Nordic and Baltic Sea region who is serious about keeping our planet inhabitable and forging a just sustainable transition.

Our vision is to
make sustainable
and production the new
norm in the Nordic
and Baltic Sea regions.

Our mission is to
mobilise a strong
youth movement in
the Nordic and Baltic
Sea regions in order
to achieve the vision.

ReGeneration week is a powerful
platform for change that:

Fosters and highlights leadership

Strengthens and unites actors

Demands change

Builds excitement and engagement

Facilitates action

ReGeneration 2030

ReGeneration 2030 is a movement led by teenagers and young adults in the Nordic and Baltic Sea Regions with the vision to make sustainable consumption and production the new norm. Our geographic scope encompasses Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, the Faroe Islands, Finland, Germany, Greenland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Slovakia, Belarus, Ukraine, and the Åland Islands. The movement is led by a board of engaged youth from across the region.